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Students on a Mission Trip holding a Belmont On Mission sign

Belmont on Mission

Belmont on Mission exists to inspire and equip students for faithful participation in God’s mission.

Missions is not just about a trip that one goes on; it is about how one continually participates in God’s mission all throughout life. Belmont wants to empower and equip students to engage and transform the world. Here in University Ministries, our Missions and Outreach programming seeks to provide spiritually significant, vocationally relevant, and sustainable opportunities for our students to do so. 

We want to give students exposure to the needs of the world and a laboratory in which to explore their place in God’s purposes. Toward that end, our philosophy of short-term missions is two-fold: 1) to create high-impact missional opportunities that are transformative and constructive for students, and 2) to create long-term, sustainable impact on the lives of people and communities being visited through responsible strategic partnerships. In order to accomplish that vision, we offer a variety of short-term mission opportunities that are both local and global, both immersive and discipline-specific, and always strategically partnered.

Plunge trips are four-day fall-break immersion experiences in domestic locations for first-year students and a fantastic way to start your freshman year off by getting to know other students as you serve alongside each other. 

Immersion trips are week-long spring break trips to that offer students a chance to be immersed in a local domestic culture and grow in understanding of the cares and concerns of those communities. 

International trips are spring break and summer mission experiences in partnership with faculty/staff leaders that have either a general or discipline-specific emphasis. 

Into.Nashville is a convo-credit program that exposes students to the diverse communities of Nashville and helps students engage and embrace the most often neglected people of the community. 

Need help deciding what type of trip fits you? FIll out the Belmont on Mission Interest Form and we'll try to help you out, or just apply now!

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As an Associate Member of Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions (SOE), Belmont on Mission seeks to uphold the 7 Standards in its missions programming in an effort to provide the most transformative and effective experiences possible. 


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