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language learning center

The Belmont Learning Centers offer free tutoring and group study in math, physics, biology, chemistry, programming, writing and languages to all Belmont students! Check us out on the first floor of the Janet Ayers Academic Center right across from the elevators or Starbucks! We are all on the first floor! No appointment is necessary; please feel free to walk right in. We are happy to help with full sessions, quick questions, or just a focused place to work.


Due to concerns with crowding, our physical centers will not be open at this time,
but we have moved our services ONLINE!
Starting March 23rd and until normal activity resumes, you can meet your favorite tutors in the virtual realm!
We are online for Maymester and Summer! Come chat with us!




Sessions are limited to four students at a time. First come first served.

Sessions are limited to one student at a time. First come first served.

Sessions are limited to four students at a time. First come first served.

Students should have photos available of the text book problems and example problems they want to discuss.

Students should have papers either in PDF format or in a Google Doc that they are willing to share with the tutor.

Students should have a photo reference for the work they want to cover, or they may simply have conversation

Sessions are 1 hour

Sessions are 45 minutes

Sessions are 1 hour

If professors have provided materials (i.e. PowerPoints, assignments, handouts, worksheets), students should have them downloaded and ready to upload into a session for reference.

 We will not be accepting any appointments at this time. Any tutoring related issues should be directed to

Language Learning Center - Janet Ayers Academic Center (JAAC) 1015
Math/ Science Center - 
Janet Ayers Academic Center (JAAC) 1036
Speech Practice Room - 
Janet Ayers Academic Center (JAAC) 1054
Writing Center - 
Janet Ayers Academic Center (JAAC) 1023

writing center

Our one on one tutoring approach is ideal for connecting each student with his or her personal learning goals and techniques, and the diversity of our tutoring staff allows for students to find a delivery method that suits their speed and readiness. We also encourage group study so that students can be guided to help one another succeed in a direct peer to peer environment. Walk-in’s welcome, but feel free to call in and book an appointment! 


Don’t need tutoring? We can still help!

The Learning Centers are also here to offer study skill refreshers, text book breakdowns, learning and note taking guides, and easy scheduling. We are also thrilled to come inside the classroom to create customized workshops for faculty!

You also never know what events we may have going! Come join us for weekly round tables in the language labs or Brain Week in the Spring!