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Are you looking for a place where dreams come true?

Students past and present in the Belmont University Honors Program are working on Broadway and in Hollywood, manage in multinational firms in Hong Kong or Germany, have toured with some of music’s biggest stars, walk the halls of Congress as associates and advisors for America’s senators and representatives, minister to orphans in India, study at Oxford, provide healthcare for the poorest of Africa, teach at Stanford, work at Comedy Central, invent new musical instruments. 

They have become stars in their fields of study not just because they possessed extraordinary academic skills, but because they were extraordinarily motivated and found a place where that could flourish—Belmont’s Honors Program.  The Honors Program expects a deep commitment from our students, not only to their studies, but also to their development as thinkers, artists, and leaders.  The Honors Program is a world of ideas and dreams, and we refuse to allow our students to settle for the artificial horizons they bring to Belmont.  You possess more potential than you realize, and we will train and inspire you to reach those new horizons by developing in you the discipline of hard work, intrinsic motivation, effective networking, extraordinary productivity, ethical thinking, and excellence in both outcome and effort. 

We offer students unrivaled flexibility in designing their programs of study, and work with each student to make that program of study the most effective pathway to his or her career and personal goals.  We encourage our students to explore the major of their dreams, even if they need to create it!  Belmont Honors students have designed their own majors in Film Marketing, Music for Media, Social Ethics, Cultural Criticism…the only limit is a student’s ambition and imagination.  And Belmont Honors students dream big.  Senior theses and projects have included a full production of an original musical, the creation of a community-wide economic plan for a disadvantaged historic neighborhood, an examination of Chinese sweatshops researched and written inside China, an orchestral suite inspired by presidential speeches, a study of viral parasites in E.coli.  Our students have started their own businesses, been honored by the ACLU, performed at Opryland and in Hollywood, established successful practices as physicians and attorneys, worked on the staffs of senators and governors, marketed Broadway shows, built careers as scholars and teachers.  Belmont even has eight Honors Program graduates on its faculty.

Look around our site and discover what we can offer you, and give us a call if we can answer any questions you might have.  We look forward to getting to know you.