Department of Biology


The Department of Biology at Belmont University offers a variety of programs and courses to engage students in the process of "doing biology."*  Our goal is to introduce students to the excitement of scientific research, the aesthetic pleasure of studying the living world, and the importance of biological principles as they affect the human condition.  In doing so, we prepare students for a variety of biology-related careers or advanced studies in graduate or professional school.

The Department of Biology offers the following programs of study:

Biology Major 
  *  Ecology and Biodiversity
  *  General Biology
  *  Marine Biology
  *  Pre-Allied Health (physical therapy, optometry, physician's assistant, occupational therapy)
  *  Pre-Medical (medical, dental, veterinary, osteopathy)
  *  Pre-Pharmacy
  *  Secondary Education

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major 
(in conjunction with the Chemistry Department)

Neuroscience Major (in conjunction with the Psychological Science and Computer Science Departments)

Environmental Science Major (in conjunction with several departments)

Biology Minor

Neurobiology Minor

*This phrase is the title of a fascinating book, Doing Biology by Joel Hagen, Douglas Allchin and Fred Singer (1996, HarperCollins College Publishers,, which captures how we view the best way to learn biology - by doing it.