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  • Brad Beardsley, student veteran
    Brad Beardsley, U.S. Army
    Brad Beardsley served on active duty for 12 years in the U.S. Army. Brad deployed to multiple countries during his service in the infantry and later in psychological operations. He is earning his MBA at Belmont.
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  • Brian Bergheger, student veteran
    Brian Bergheger, U.S. Army
    Brian Bergheger was a sergeant in the U.S. Army and worked as an infantryman, including two deployments to Afghanistan. Brian is also president of Bruin Vets, Belmont's chapter of the Student Veterans of America. He is earning a BBA in Business Administration.
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  • Terry "Scott" Freeman, student veteran
    Terry "Scott" Freeman, U.S. Army
    Terry "Scott" Freeman served as a sergeant in the U.S.. Army, working as a a squad leader in the troop commanders Personal Security Detail (PSD) in Afghanistan and on other missions. He is vice-president of Bruin Vets, Belmont's chapter of the Student Veterans of America. He is earning a BBA in Economics.
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  • Wesley Guthrie, student veteran
    Wesley Guthrie, U.S. Navy
    Wesley Guthrie served as a Master at Arms or MP forward deployed to Sasebo, Japan for 3 years. He did police work, patrol with traffic enforcement, and gate access and control. Wesley is earning a B.S. in Psychology.
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  • Carlos McDay, student veteran
    Carlos McDay, U.S. Navy
    Carlos McDay served 8 years in the U.S. Navy as a Navy Corpsman, including a deployment to Afghanistan. He is earning a B.S in Biology.
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  • Amber Petoletti, student veteran
    Amber Petoletti, U.S. Navy
    Amber Petoletti served in the U.S. Navy and worked on MH-60R helicopters as an Avionics Technician and a Plane Captain. She worked on avionics components inside the helicopter including radar systems, communication systems, navigation systems, and anti-submarine warfare systems. She is earning her B.S. in Biology, with a chemistry minor.
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  • Stephanie Sullivan, student veteran
    Stephanie Sullivan, U.S. Navy
    Stephanie Sullivan served as an E-6, Information Systems Technician and provided secure and reliable telecommunications to commands, bases, and teams which she supported. She is earning a BBA in Business Systems and Analytics.
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