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Classroom Leadership Development

Student Leadership Development in Practice at Belmont

Grounded in the relational and social change models of leadership development, BOLD experiences will guide undergraduate and graduate students through a process-oriented transformational leadership development journey. This means that Belmont students will learn to lead, communicate, collaborate, and serve ethically, resiliently, and inclusively.

This will be achieved through student participation in opportunities offered in BOLD's competency-based levels of engagement:

Belonging- Aspiring Leaders
 Believing- Emerging Leaders
 Becoming- Engaged Leaders
                Being- Transformative Servant Leaders

BOLD's values-driven framework is strategically aligned with the Honors Program and the 5C's-learning outcomes of the BELL Core.  Through on-going curricular and co-curricular experiences, students will be challenged to grow in their understanding and application of ethics and service to the world.  Belmont students will go from here to anywhere as transformative servant leaders.


Student Leadership development may take place through the following campus-wide experiences

                                      WELL Core.                                      Service                                          Student-led research

                                      Trainings                                           Service-Learning                           Retreats/Advances

                                      Workshops                                        Case Study Review                       Lectures                            

                                      Conferences                                     Peer Mentoring                             One time programs

                                      Faculty-Student Mentoring               Seminars/Webinars                       Program Series

                                      Study Abroad                                    Reflections                                     Certificate Programs

                                      Internships                                        Graduate Assistantships               Group Projects

                                      Fellowships                                       Symposiums                                  Student Employment