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Framework Design

LDFA_LOGOLeadership Development for All!
Leadership development is integrated into every Belmont student's experience. It is centralized through the use of a campus-wide leadership development framework and database for undergraduate and graduate students and is accessible through the BELL Core, Honors Program, and a leadership hub in the Division of Student Formation. 

Belmont is committed to preparing and empowering undergaduate and graduate students with a toolbox of leadership skills and experiences through a seamless, integrated, high-impact leadership development presence in both curricular and co-curricular spaces.  
The BOLD framework is uniquely Belmont and will ensure that all students have access to leadership development experiences and opportunities. 

The framework includes, BOLD's Graduate Opportunities in Leadership Development- "The GOLD Experience": customizable leadership development opportunities designed for working professionals or full time graduate students who have a desire to enhance their capacity to lead and serve ethically.

Program Models and Theories
While there is much to be learned from a variety of leadership theories, the BOLD framework is rooted in Greenleaf’s (1970, 1977) theory of servant leadership and Burns (1978) and Bass’s (1999) theory of transformational leadership. 

Guided by Jesus’ model of servant leadership, the social change model and the relational leadership model each go hand-in-hand to serve as what Dugan (2017) and Gittrell (2006) call reference points for capacity building through the interrelated dimensions of knowing (i.e., knowledge acquisition), being (i.e., attitude and belief formation), and doing (i.e., skills and ability development).

These theories and models have been strategically aligned with the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) in Higher Education and the Belmont mission, vision and values to create the theoretical and philosophical framework for leadership development at Belmont- BOLD.