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Competency Areas

Competency-based leadership development experiences will be offered to all Belmont students. 

Students engaged in leadership development will be able to lead, communicate, and serve ethically, resiliently, collaboratively and inclusively.  The values-driven, multi-level framework will be used to align leadership development programs and opportunities across campus. Each level of engagement focuses on one or more of the BOLD competencies.


  • •Upholds and respects the standards of conduct based on socially accepted values of Belmont and society

    •Learns to act in a way that promotes productive functioning and well-being of oneself and others
  • •Understands and demonstrates the ability to recover after a setback

    •Embraces feedback and is able to respond positively in the face of ambiguity and change
  • •Uses strategies to work with others toward common objectives through sharing and listening to ideas and distributing responsibilities across team members

    •Promotes and values the success of the group over individual recognition

    •Motivates, empowers and trusts others to make meaningful contributions to the team
  • •Understands, values, and engages others in roles, processes, and experiences

    •Understands and promotes the importance of having exposure to people from different backgrounds, beliefs and experiences

    •Intentionally creates a welcoming environment for others

    •Encourages and promotes a sense of belonging and/or shared commitment for others
  • •Practices strategies to effectively communicate with others, one on one, in groups, and/or in front of a large audience verbally, nonverbally, through listening, writing, facilitation, social media, conflict negotiation, conveying of ideas, and advocating for a point of view

    •Informs, inspires, influences, counsels and negotiates through various delivery methods.
  • • Acts in ways that benefit, not detract from the welfare of society and its members

    •Finds and creates meaningful ways to personally and/or professionally participate in service that positively contributes to their community

    •Prioritizes putting others first

    •Maintains a thriving community through servant-leadership, active citizenship, civic engagement, and service-learning

Belmont colleges, offices, and departments offering leadership development experiences will use the 3 - 4 - 6 implementation guide below to develop and achieve the objectives of the framework. There are three core values, four levels of engagement and six competency areas that make up the BOLD framework undergraduate and graduate students.

Competency Image