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Financial Information

Before issuing your immigration documents, we would need to see financial documents that show your ability to cover the costs of attending Belmont University. The most current information about the cost of tuition, room, and board can be found at Student Financial Services. Both our international and domestic students are charged the same tuition.

Here at Belmont University, we embrace our international students and the unique perspective they contribute to our community. In order to encourage and accommodate international applicants, Belmont University wants to connect you with ways to help pay for your education. These opportunities include the following:

International Student Scholarships

In order to enhance the diversity of our campus, limited international student scholarships are awarded each spring for the following academic year. Scholarships range from $1,000 - $4,000 and required participation in at least two cultural events for the academic year. The following scholarships are offered every year from donors. Please look for an email sent to all international students in March for more details.

Belmont International Student Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded based on scholarship, English language competency, and intention to return to native country and serve.This award is only for freshmen or transfer students with a preference given to Baptist students.The Office of Admissions awards this scholarship to new students.

International Student Endowment
Awarded by International Education, this scholarship is provided to an incoming international student who is preferably a freshmen and part of the Christian faith.The student who is awarded this scholarship should intend to return to their home country to serve.The Office of Admissions awards this scholarship to new students.
Tullock Curtis Lee Scholarship
This scholarship is given to students in need with a preference given to a Brazilian or Nigerian Christian. In order to apply, you must submit a letter of recommendation from your pastor, missionary, or other Christian leader. The ISSS department awards this scholarship to a returning student.

Wardin, Albert & Lucile Scholarship
This scholarship is given to students in need with a good moral character with a preference given to Baptist and Christian students.The ISSS department awards this scholarship to a returning student.


Merit Scholarships

Belmont offers a very limited number of merit scholarships to undergraduate student applicants. While all international undergraduate applicants submitting an SAT or ACT score are automatically considered for merit scholarships, the majority of international students at Belmont are full paying students. Learn more here about these awards. Graduate students should contact their program's admission office, as merit scholarship opportunities vary by graduate school.

Need-Based Financial Assistance

Belmont University does not offer need-based financial assistance to international students. U.S. Government Federal Financial Aid is only available for U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

External Resources

We've provided the resources below as a starting point for exploring opportunities to receive financial aid from external sources. We strongly advise international students to research the many available funding options, and to determine your ability to secure funding before applying to Belmont University.

  • EduPass: Administered by, this website gives you financial information as well as general cultural information about studying in the United States.
  • International Institute of Education (IIE): The International Institute of Education highlights fellowships, grants, and scholarships for international students, such as Fulbright awards.
  • NAFSA: Association of International Educators: NAFSA provides funding opportunities and resources for international students, including grants and scholarships.
  • International Education Financial Aid: This site lists over 1,000 scholarships, grants and awards for international students.
  • International Student Loan Options: Available loan options that may or may not require a US co-signer.