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Program Overview


Belmont Global Honors is uniquely committed to:

Writing and Research: Writing and researching in the twenty-first century takes on many forms. Whether you’re interested in traditional modes of research that occur in the library or laboratory, endeavors that culminate in artistic creation, or projects that apply knowledge to real-world contexts, tBelmont Global Honors is designed to help you grow and thrive.You’ll write and research in practically all of your Honors courses, and your Belmont Global Honors experience will culminate in the Honors' Scholars Collaborative, three courses that will shepherd you through the stages of proposal, planning, project management, and presentation.

Living, Learning, and Studying Abroad: In the spring semester of the second year, Belmont Global Honors students study abroad in locations throughout the world and are accompanied by Belmont faculty members and their families. Having this experience early on in your undergraduate career allows you to develop strong communal bonds with one another around a common international experience. This distinctive study abroad experience for students in Belmont Global Honors provides opportunities to reflect on your global perspectives and experiences as you continue on in your major.

Leadership: Belmont Global Honors is committed to preparing and empowering Honors students with a toolbox of leadership skills and experiences in and out of the classroom. Leadership is part of every Belmont Global Honors student’s experience—through courses, study abroad, experiential and service learning in the Nashville community, campus engagement, and a centralized leadership database and hub in the Division of Student Affairs Belmont Office of Leadership Development (BOLD). Students who choose to become Honors Leadership Fellows learn about serving and motivating others through a series of fun, educational, and informal events.