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Metro Nashville Urban Teacher Residency

Are you ready to make a difference?

The teacher residency is a 1-year program during which students will earn initial teaching licensure and a master’s degree in teaching with an emphasis on urban teaching. If you are selected to the Residency, you will work for a salary and benefits in addition to a 30% tuition discount alongside an experienced mentor teacher in a Metropolitan Nashville Public School. Residents are part of a cohort of educators preparing together and applying their lessons in meaningful, daily work in real classrooms. This is a summer admission program only. All applicants must apply for the summer semester of their interest. Belmont professors work alongside mentor teachers to make sure that lessons have immediate and meaningful applications in classroom work.

  • Professional education in teaching modeled on medical residencies
  • Collaborative cohort of teachers learning in an urban school setting
  • One year program to earn initial licensure, a master’s degree in teaching, and teaching experience all while working in a real classroom
  • Combination of high quality, professional preparation for teaching and real-world experience with mentors and colleagues

Who should pursue the teaching residency?

  • Reflective and coachable people with a strong belief in the inherent potential of children
  • People who want to prepare well to make a difference in urban education
  • Resilient people with a growth mindset
  • People with a content area bachelor’s degree who need licensure to teach

Why consider the Metro Nashville Urban Teacher Residency?

  • Every child deserves a first-rate educational opportunity
  • You will learn your craft from professional educators while working alongside an experienced mentor
  • You will be part of a powerful cohort of learners and practitioners
  • You will earn a license and master’s degree while working in a school
  • You will be better prepared for your first day in the classroom

The Residency is for students graduating with content-area majors whether or not you completed any education courses while undergrads. Seniors graduating this spring are encouraged to apply.

Master's degree. Teaching license. Priority hiring. All in one year.


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  • A high-quality education is a civil right of every child, and therefore we must demand better. In doing so the MNUTR program will ensure ALL our students are educated by quality teachers inspired and empowered to exceed great expectations.
  • 200
    teachers are needed annually to fill high-need placements like math, science, and English language instruction
    of TN teacher prep program completers identify as member of historically underrepresented groups
    of first-year teachers are rated effective on their TEAM evaluation
  • 50%
    of program graduates helping to fill high-need placements like math, science exceptional education and English language instruction
    of program graduates identifying as members of historically underrepresented groups, including Latino, African-American, and bi-lingual candidates
    of program graduates will be rated effective or above on the TEAM evaluations

The MNPS Mission

MNPS is committed to excellence in education for all students. The Metro Urban Teacher Residency @Belmont capitalizes on this commitment and offers real-world experience serving alongside veteran educators in hard-to-staff subject and schools. Learning to teach in the MNPS environment prepares teachers to excel in their own classrooms beginning on day one.

Make a difference. LEARN MORE

The Belmont Difference

At Belmont, we are preparing our teacher candidates to be advocates for children, families, and the profession. We see ourselves as the teacher education program that puts the feet in the street as we partner with schools of all types to work alongside teachers and administrators to help families, and their children get the education that will enable them to flourish.