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Preparing for the Program

All incoming interns first complete the 12 credit hour education core.  Our core coursework consists of the following courses:
  • Contemporary Issues in Education
  • Advanced Educational Psychology
  • Child Development or Human Development (depending on licensure area)
  • Diverse Learners

As part of the core program each candidate will complete up to 20 hours of practicum time in the schools in each course.  This time in the schools will help candidates determine if they are committed to the intense, rigorous structure of the intern program. All intern candidates must pass their Gateway 2 before beginning the intern program.

Belmont 4+1 Candidates

All Belmont undergraduate students who complete the education minor as part of their coursework fulfill this core requirement for the intern program.  While completing the minor in education does not guarantee admission to the intern program, the education minor is considered the best preparation for the Internship Program

Post-Baccalaureate Candidates

Belmont welcomes candidates from all walks of life who have a passion for teaching but may not have participated in any undergraduate education coursework.  Most of our post-bac candidates begin taking the 15-hour core the fall or spring before they enter the intern program.  However, it is possible for a potential intern to complete the entire core during the summer prior to beginning their internship.

"I feel so well-prepared for my job! I understand the new trends in education, and I am so grateful that I had a mentor to guide me through my first year of teaching. Belmont has provided me with a great understanding of how teaching works.”

-Robyn Bradley, intern graduate and math teacher at Gallatin High School