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Administration & Staff

  • James McIntyre
    Dean, College of Education & Assistant Provost for Academic Excellence
    Ph.D., University of Massachusetts
    Location: Ayers 5022
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  • Cathy Eschete
    Cathy Eschete, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean, College of Education
    Ph.D., Louisiana State University
    Location: Ayers 5021
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  • Darcie Finch
    Darcie Finch, Ed.D.
    MNUTR Director and Assistant Professor
    Ed.D., Argosy University
    Location: Ayers 5034
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  • Annie Insana
    Annie Insana, Ph.D.
    Director of Clinical Practice and Assistant Professor
    Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Location: Ayers 5034
  • Crystal Randolph headshot
    Crystal Randolph
    Education Coordinator for Licensure and Graduate Admissions
    MS.Ed., Lee University
    Location: Ayers 5018
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  • Qiana Appleton
    Qiana Appleton, Ed.D.
    Math Teacher Residency - Director of Pedagogy and Programming
    Ed.D, Grand Canon University
    Location: Ayers 5019
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  • Jenny DeHart
    Jenny DeHart
    Math Teacher Residency - Director of Mathematics Teaching
    Location: Ayers 5019
  • Dana Perry, M.A.
    Assistant to the Dean
    M.A., Belmont University
    Location: Ayers 5032
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