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All students must complete all prerequisite courses before entering Massey MBA programs. The courses are required to ensure the success of all students. The MBA coursework is challenging, and we focus on making sure that all students have the proper academic background to enter graduate level business courses with a command over fundamental concepts. Most students who earned an undergraduate degree in business already have the prerequisites, while some students may have some of the prereqs, but not all. And many prospective students have none of the perquisites.

Massey MBA prerequisite courses include:

  • Accounting I
  • Accounting II
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Statistics
  • Calculus, or other math class higher than college Algebra

Course prerequisite:

  • Finance

For students who need all or most of the prerequisites, the Summer Business Institute (SBI) is the most effective way to complete the course work prior to entering a Massey MBA program. Designed and taught by Massey faculty members, SBI courses are completed over ten weeks in the summer and students attend classes two week nights per week and on Saturdays during the program. Students who complete the Summer Business Institute hit the ground running, fully prepared for success in Massey’s MBA programs.