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Tobacco Free Belmont

Belmont University is dedicated to the health and well being of all of its students, faculty and staff.  In an endeavor to provide the healthiest possible environment, a tobacco free campus policy was introduced on August 15, 2011.  
A planning committee consisting of representatives from several campus constituencies (students, faculty and staff) was asked to develop a plan to implement the new tobacco free policy. The committee solicited perspectives and suggestions from current tobacco users, Human Resources/insurance and students.  In addition, research was done to benchmark against other schools (several hundred) that have enacted a tobacco-free campus. The committee spent several weeks developing a plan that has been approved by senior leadership.

Since the time in which the policy was initially implemented, electronic cigarettes—which the committee deemed to be one of several categories that fall under “smokeless tobacco”—have become more well-known and marketed as “e-cigarettes.”  As clarification to our policy, the specific term “e-cigarettes” was added to the policy in March 2014.  

We ask that you review this content thoroughly. In addition, the Web site offers information on treatment options for those wishing to stop their tobacco use.  It is our goal that this policy will further enhance the Belmont experience for everyone and improve the health of all our students, faculty and staff.
Tobacco-Free Committee