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Belmont University's Vision Statement

'To be a premier teaching university bringing together the best of liberal arts and professional education in a Christian community of learning and service'

Belmont's vision statement puts service at the heart of a Belmont education. Our campus sits at the intersection of several culturally-diverse neighborhoods: 12th South, Hillsboro Village, Edgehill, and Waverly-Belmont. Our city is a home to refugees, immigrants, disadvantaged families and schoolchildren. As we, as a university, seek to be a meaningful community institution, we need for our students to participate in that community. This participation can ensure our students learn the needs, challenges, and opportunities of working in settings with people from diverse backgrounds. To help our students mature into people who can 'engage and transform the world with disciplined intelligence, compassion, courage and faith,' we need to give them the opportunity to take risks, to find out community needs and current systems addressing those needs, and to explore ways of improving community life.

Some of the projects Belmont students are involved in already:

  • English and education majors tutor students at local schools where they gain valuable teaching experience
  • Spanish students team up with community role models in the Belmont/YMCA Latino Achievers program to empower Hispanic youth through activities and mentoring specific to their career dreams
  • Nursing students provide health fairs targeted to specific populations. Recent projects focused on the health of adolescents from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and on that of young Sudanese men.
  • Accounting students help neighborhood residents of all ages improve their computer skills
  • French students receive service learning credit towards a French major or minor working with French-speaking Canadians in the education department of Cheekwood Art Museum and Botanical Gardens.
  • Chemistry students facilitate a hands-on workshop for local girl scouts to inspire interest in the sciences.
To find out more about service learning at Belmont, contact Tim Stewart, Director of Service-Learning,  tim.stewart@belmont.edu

Tim Stewart