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WEDNESDAY• November 1, 2017

Karah Waters, 10 a.m. • Massey Boardroom
A Glimpse of Life and Healthcare in a Developing Country
Working as a nurse in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania has had an influence on my career that I never imagined was possible. Observing the culture and the way people lived in Africa was truly like seeing a different world. I worked at both Muhimbili National Hospital, a major referral and government ran hospital in Dar, as well as Kidodi Rural Healthcare Clinic in a remote village. Being able to have both a city and a rural healthcare experience really allowed me to see the similarities and differences between healthcare in a developing country, versus that of the United States. Join Karah Waters, Lumos Scholar, and embark on an escapade of African culture and healthcare abroad.

*Global Citizenship, Leadership, Diversity & the Professions (GCLDP)


WEDNESDAY• November 1, 2017

Lumos Award Application Deadline