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Instructor Resources


The Learning Centers are not just for students! It is our mission to help create a better brighter Belmont in any way that we can, and we can’t do that without you!

If you would like to:

  • Schedule a class visit
  • Schedule a workshop
  • Bring your class to the Centers
  • Schedule a portion of your office hours in the LC
  • Create a new instructional tool
  • Recommend a student as a tutor
  • Suggest an event
  • Be involved in tutor training
  • Use one of our study rooms

We want to help!

Feel free to email Michael Hudson or call at ext. 6163!

Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Acknowledging Sources PDF With this useful handout, show your students how and why sources they integrate into their own writing need to be acknowledged.

Twelve Common Errors PDF Use this handout of common errors to encourage students to self-edit.

The Composition Pyramid PDF The composition pyramid is a useful--although admittedly hokey -- visual heuristic for encouraging students to set writing priorities.

Integrating Peer Review PDF Thinking of using peer review in your class? Check out this candid advice!

Designing Writing Assignments PDF Check out this advice for designing, sequencing, and assigning writing assignments.

The Reverse Outline PDF What does this paragraph say? What does this paragraph do? Teach your students to make meaningful revisions by showing them how to 'reverse outline' their writing.