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GPS stands for “Growth & Purpose for Students,” but we use the acronym because we want you to use us just like the app on your phone or the device in your car – as a resource for your journey through your educational experience.  Because it's important that you think comprehensively about your strengths, passions, and needs as well as the needs of your community, nation, and world, the GPS program offers a variety of tools and activities to guide you along your way.  

We share your desire to have an easy, trouble-free trip through Belmont.  Sometimes the best way to ensure a smooth trip is through pre-planning.  We want you to know what we can do for you!  

Direction and Discernment – You may know your major already, or you may want to explore before you choose.  There are some people each year that change their majors because they fall in love with a new field of study, or because they find their first choice isn’t really connecting as they thought it would.  Maybe you love your major but want to explore other areas of study through a minor or free electives.  Our office has coaches and tools to help you explore options to reach your career goals or to find a different way to fulfill your passions.

Academic Preparation and Planning – The GPS Office is the place to go if you need assistance creating a four-year academic plan.  We help students make the most of their Belmont experience through focused exploration.  Some students find it very helpful to participate in our classes and programs on Academic Preparation such as GPS Academy.  We can help you with time management, study tips, test-taking skills, etc. 

Academic Support and Recovery – Sometimes students need added support in the form of tutors, regular meetings with a coach for accountability purposes, or help in developing a recovery plan to overcome a failed course or poor performance.  Our coaches are able to help you with the level of support needed and assist you in the development of a plan that works for you.

The primary goal for our office is to help you be successful!  We have become accomplished in helping students identify the essential characteristics of a successful journey, and it is our main objective to see our students follow through - from Belmont to anywhere!