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Spring Sports

Spring Sports

Spring 2019 Sports 


5v5 Basketball

Rosters Due: January 11 - Click here to register!

Regular Season:  January 15 - February 6

Playoffs:  February 7 - 13

Event Description:  5 on 5 Basketball is one of the most popular intramural sports played at Belmont. The game is played according to National Federation of High School Associations Basketball Rules. All games are played in the Rec Gym of the Beaman Student Life Center.

Click here to download basketball rules!


Knockout Tournament

Rosters Due: January 23 - Click here to register!

Event Date:  January 30

Playoffs:  February 7 - 13

Event Description:  Knockout is a popular basketball game also known as “bump,” “bumpout,” lightening,” and “elimination.” A minimum of two players shoot simultaneously to see who can score first, thus “knocking out” their opponent. It is quick paced so participants can share a friendly game and test both shooting and rebounding ability.

Click here to download knockout rules!


3 Point Shoot Out

Rosters Due: February 6th - Click here to register!

Round 1 Date:  February 13th 

Finals will be on February 21st at halftime during Women's basketball game

Event Description:  Competitors will attempt to see how many three pointers they can make in a 60 second period at five different sports behind the line. Each spot has four regular balls worth one point and one money ball worth two points. The finalist for both the men’s and women’s will square off for the championship at halftime of a men’s or women’s basketball game

Click here to download 3 Point Shoot Out Rules


Futsal League

Rosters Due: February 14th - Click here to register!

Regular Season:  February 19th - March 1st 

Playoffs:  March 4th - March 7th  

Event Description:  After high demand we are bringing back Futsal to you all! Similar to indoor soccer, futsal will be played 5 on 5 including the goalie. The sport focuses primarily on footwork and tactical skills and is played with a heavier ball so the ball stays ground.

Click here to download futsal rules

Registration for the events below will not take place on FitRec Connect!  Click here to register or contact the Intramural staff for assistance at

Wiffleball League

Rosters Due: March 6th - Click here to register!

Regular Season:  March 19th - March 25th 

Playoffs:  March 25th - March 28th  

Event Description:  Wiffleball is played in the Beaman Recreational Gym as an indoor format of baseball. The game is played with first, second, third and home base and a lightweight bat and light plastic ball.  

Click here to download wiffleball rules


Racquetball Tournament

Rosters Due:  March 20th - Click here to register!

Tournament Dates:  March 26th 28th 

Event Description:  Racquetball is a racquet sport played with a hollow rubber ball in an indoor court. The racquetball tournament will be played as single opponents face off in a quick 2-3 day tournament.

Click here to download racquetball rules


Human Battleship

Rosters Due: March 27th - Click here to register!

Event Date:  April 4th 

Event Description: Human Battleship is our newest event! The game will be played in the racquetball courts with each team on one side of the court. Participants will lay down on each side of the court and throw dodgeballs to the opposite side of the middle barrier, if the dodgeball makes contact with an opposing participant they will be “sunk”. First team to sink all of their opponents wins! This is a great strategy driven game for a group looking for a good time!

Click here to download the human battleship rules


4 v 4 Volleyball

Rosters Due:  March 27th - Click here to register!

Regular Season:  April 1st - 5th 

Playoffs:  April 8th - 11th 

Event Description: The game is four v four and standard volleyball rules apply. Games are played best of 3 with games going to 25 and the last game to 15. There is a men’s and women’s all-star game held at the end of the season.

Click here to download the volleyball rules