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Spring Sports

Spring Sports

Spring 2018 Sports Will Be Announced Soon!  Stay tuned...



Rosters Due: January 13

Current Champions: Men- Baby Byrds, Women- RX Rated, CoRec – We Do Things

Event Description: 5 on 5 Basketball is one of the most popular intramural sports played at Belmont. The game is played according to National Federation of High School Associations Basketball Rules. All games are played in the Rec Gym of the Beaman Student Life Center with the option to move to the Curb Event Center.

3 Point Shoot Out

Rosters Due: January 13

Current Champions: None

Event Description: Competitors will attempt to see how many three pointers they can make in a 60 second period at five different sports behind the line. Each spot has four regular balls worth one point and one money ball worth two points. The finalist for both the men’s and women’s will square off for the championship at halftime of Belmont’s Women’s Basketball game vs. SIUE on February 1.

2 on 2 Dodgeball

Rosters Due: February 6

Current Champions: Men- ATO, Women- Phi Mu, CoRec – Team Beaman

Event Description: 2 on 2 Dodgeball is dodgeball played within the racquetball courts with each team only having two players. Games are played best of 15 games. Games are self-officiated on the honor code with a supervisor present at all times.


Rosters Due:  February 27

Current Champions:  Men – Sour Patch Kids, Women – Belmont Women’s Soccer

Event Description:  Handball is a mix between soccer and basketball, where the players dribble, pass, and maneuver the ball to ideal locations on the court attempting to score. Depending on the amount of teams signed up, the season consists of regular season games, pool play, and single- or double-elimination tournaments. All games are played in the rec gym at the Beaman Student Life Center.


Rosters Due:  March 20

Current Champions:  Men – Baby Byrds, Women – AST, CoRec – Team Beaman

Event Description:  Kickball is a sport similar to baseball, but opponents kick the ball instead of swinging a bat at it. Games will be played at Hillsboro High School over a two weekend period after Spring Break. Each team will be guaranteed at least two games for the regular season before playoffs.

4 on 4 Volleyball

Rosters Due:  March 20

Current Champions:  Men – RX Rated, Women – Hot Tamales, CoRec – We Do Things

Event Description:   The game is four on four, and in CoRec there must be at least an equal amount of females as males on the floor. Standard volleyball rules apply to the games. Games are played best of 3 with games going to 25 and the last game to 15. There is a men’s and women’s all-star game held at the end of the season.