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Kickball at Rose Park

Rules & Captain Resources

How to sign up for an Intramural event

1. Look for information about upcoming intramural sports in your residence halls, the Beaman Center, FitRec Connect (, the Fitness and Recreation website (, MyBelmont ( and the Fitness and Recreation Facebook page (
2. Check the rules concerning eligibility and other guidelines needed to enter an event on the intramural sports website (
3. Creating an IMLeagues account
a) Go to
b) Click “Create Account” at the top right corner (if you have already created an account click “Sign In)
c) Enter information on prompted page; be sure to use your Belmont assigned email address* (failing to do so will not grant you access to the Belmont Intramurals network) and click “Create Account”
d) You will be sent an activation email, click the link in the email to login and activate your IMLeagues account.
4. Creating a team on IMLeagues
a) Select sport/event and league you wish you create your team
b) Click “Create Team” (be sure to accept waiver)
c) You must take and pass the captains quiz in order for your team to be fully registered, you can find this on the team home page (click the link in the red banner)
d) To invite players: on the Roster tab click “Invite” and enter Belmont emails OR if they already have an IMLeagues account you can simply type their name and select them in the drop down box.
**Unless you selected “Auto-accept team members” you must accept each member before they will be listed on the roster**
e) If you have any questions in regards to this feature or if you having trouble registering, please call the Intramural Graduate Assistant at 615-460-8059 or
5. For information on schedules and times to play check your or download the IMLeagues app and have fun!

Statement of Risk

All intramural participants are strongly urged to be physically fit and in good health when
participating in any intramural sport. Belmont University, the Beaman Center and their
employees do not assume any responsibility for injuries or medical expenses sustained by
individuals participating in any intramural program.


The intramural staff will check eligibility periodically throughout the semester.

1. Full-Time Students: All full-time undergraduate students and graduate students are
eligible to participate in all intramural sports/events.

2. Full and Part-Time Faculty/ Staff: All full and part-time faculty and staff are eligible to
participate in all intramural sports.

3. Professional Athletes: All current and former professional athletes are ineligible to
participate in the sport or related sport that they played professionally. A professional
athlete is defined as an individual that has signed a contract to play a sport and received

4. Collegiate Athletes: All current collegiate athletes (any athlete that is currently on a
Varsity sports roster or is practicing with that team) are ineligible to participate in the
sport that they are playing or have played collegiately for one calendar year from their
last contest. Players that participated collegiately in singles or dual sports are ineligible
to participate in that sport. There is a limit of 5 current varsity athletes per intramural

Volleyball Champs

Men’s and Women’s Intramural Sports

You must be a full-time undergraduate student, a full-time graduate student, or full or part-
time employees of Belmont University to participate in the intramural sports program. Men
may only play in men’s leagues and women may only play in women’s leagues. If there is
not a sport available for men or women to play in, they may play in the opposite gender’s
sport if it is acceptable to all participants, or if special permission has been granted by
Intramural Sports.

Co-Rec Intramural Sports

The co-rec events are open to all full and part-time faculty and staff and students and are
governed by the same sportsmanship rules and regulations of other intramural sports. Check
with the intramural staff for specific rules, regulations and eligibility questions.

Recognized Organizations

All members of Greek organizations and other officially recognized groups must be in good
standing with the Division of Student Affairs and Student Engagement and Leadership
Development. Intramural Sports will utilize official organization rosters filed with the SELD
office and it is up to each individual organization to ensure that only registered members are
participating on intramural teams.

Participant Responsibilities

The Department of Fitness and Recreation supports and enforces Belmont’s
Community Commitments, as well as all policies and expectations found in the
Bruin Guide. Any behavior or action that is not in consonance with the
University mission or violates principles, policies or statements within the
Commitments or Bruin Guide, will be handled in the appropriate manner. If
necessary, individuals may be reported to the Office of Student Conduct and
Academic Integrity for further action.


At the conclusion of each contest the intramural staff will assign a grade to each team that
participated. Grades could be A-F and at the end of the season will be averaged to create the
team’s sportsmanship “GPA”. Forfeits and defaults will result in an “F” for the team.


Flag Football Players


Conduct Toward Intramural Staff

Any participant, coach or fan that shoves, pushes, bumps, brushes, punches, spits, throws
equipment or verbally attacks an intramural staff member or official in any manner will
automatically be suspended from all intramural programs for the remainder of their academic
and/or professional career or from any alumni events at Belmont University. If necessary,
further disciplinary actions may be pursued and participant(s) may be referred to the Director of
Student Conduct and Academic Integrity.


Director’s Rule

The director reserves the right to put into effect any new ruling pertaining to intramural sports
and unsportsmanlike behavior and fair play and the safety of all participants. The assistant
director can also take any individual and their actions to the Belmont University Student
Disciplinary Committee for review.

Belmont University ID

All Intramural participants MUST have a current and valid Belmont University Identification
Card. If a participant’s BU ID card is not legible (photo or name) or does not have a student ID
number that corresponds with his or her team’s roster that participant must have a form of photo
identification in order to be allowed to participate. Proper identification is needed to be shown at
all games and if you do not have the proper identification, you will not be allowed to participate
until you obtain the proper identification. If you use an improper identification card, you will be
suspended from all intramurals for one year.


Coed Dodgeball Team


Free Agents

Free agents are individuals that are not members of a team but would like to join one. The
Intramural Office will make a list available to prospective players and teams but will not place a
person on a team. The intramural staff will furnish interested teams with player information. If
there are enough players, a “free agent” team will be organized and entered into a league or

Team Captain’s Responsibilities

* Captains should inform the Intramural Office of any injuries that occurred during an
intramural contest.

* Captains must be familiar with all rules and regulations, eligibility standards,
deadlines, scheduling times, dates, sites and opponents.

* Captains are responsible for the conduct of his or her team’s players and fans
before, during, and after all intramural contests.

 Please refer to for a full list of intramural policies and procedures.