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Flag Football

Fall Sports

Fall 2017 Events


Rosters Due: August 30
Event Description: Spikeball is a team sport played by 2 teams made up of 2 players per team. Opposing
team members stand across from each other with the Spikeball net in the center. Play starts with one
team serving off the net to the other team, with the objective being to play the ball in such a way that
the other team cannot return it. Like volleyball, a team is allowed up to 3 hits to return the ball off the



Rosters Due: September 1
Event Description: Wallyball is a game similar to volleyball where participants hit a ball, similar to a volleyball, back in forth over a net trying to get it to touch the ground on the opponent’s side. However, wallyball is played inside of a racquetball court with a few unique rules. Teams play with at most 4 players on the court and at least 2. Wallyball is faster paced than volleyball, and players are allowed to utilize the walls. Games are self officiated with a supervisor present at all times.


Rosters Due:  September 6
Event Description:  Wiffleball is a form of baseball played with a plastic ball and bat. Classic baseball
rules apply. Teams of up to 10 are allowed, and this sport will be played in the Rec Gym. Games will be
played to 7 innings or 60 minutes.


Rosters Due:  September 15
Event Description:  Flag football is no-contact football, with each player wearing a flag belt. The goal is to score touchdowns without getting your flags pulled off in the process by the defense. Our hope is that each team will play at least 2 games and the event will be played at Hillsboro High School over the course of 2 weekends.


Rosters Due:  September 20
Event Description:  The game is six on six, and in Corec there had to be at least the same number of girls as guys on the floor.  Volleyball, in this format, lasted just about four weeks. One head official, one line judge and a supervisor/scorekeeper were present at all times. This intramural sport focuses mostly on the fun aspect and not so much on skills. Music was played while the games are in session and at the end of the season we held men’s and women’s All-Star games.


Rosters Due:  September 22
Event Description:  2 on 2 dodgeball is a form of dodgeball played with teams of 2 in the racquetball
courts. Corec teams must consist of 1 male and 1 female. Games will be best 8 out of 15. Games are self-
officiated with a supervisor present at all times.


Rosters Due:  October 11
Event Description:  The intramural climbing competition is a team bouldering format competition.
Bouldering is a form of rock climbing without the use of a harness, and the paths are usually less than
20ft tall. Each team has 3-4 participants, and can be coed. All participants are required to climb with a
spotter while a climbing assistant monitors their attempts.


Rosters Due:  October 25
Event Description: 3 on 3 Basketball is a half-court game of basketball without referees. There will be a court supervisor present, but for the most part the teams will officiate their own games. Standard basketball rules apply. Games are played in the rec gym of the Beaman Student Life Center.


Rosters Due:  October 27
Event Description: The object of four square is to eliminate players in higher squares so that an
individual can advance to and remain in the King Square. Games will begin with a whistle and players
will have 10 minutes to battle for the King Square. The player standing in the King Square at the end of
the 10 minutes will be declared the winner. This is a self-officiated individual sport.


Rosters Due:  November 10
Event Description:  The Turkey Trott is a 5k race just before Thanksgiving break, in which the men’s and women’s winners get a turkey!  The race will be run in the middle of the afternoon. The start and finish line is right outside of the Curb Café.