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Student artists at a consultation meeting


Admission to the Songwriting Major in the

Mike Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business


All applicants must submit a short video portfolio explaining why you would like to be a part of the Belmont Songwriting community and displaying two original songs. Video should be no longer than seven (7) minutes.

Acceptable talking points include:

  • Why you chose Belmont University and how you will benefit if accepted
  • Your personal goals and how Belmont Songwriting can help you accomplish them
  • Your musical influences and how long you have been writing songs
  • Why you are a strong candidate
  • Your long–term career goal(s) in the music industry


Once you've created your Video Portfolio, upload it to and submit the link to our steering committee via our online submission form. Lyrics to each song must be pasted in the Description box of your YouTube video for consideration. If you only wish to have Belmont University view your video, mark it as "Unlisted" when uploading to YouTube. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.

DO NOT mark it "Private" as this will prevent the selection committee from seeing it and you will forfeit participation in the submission round.


Complete the online submission page in its entirety. Capture a video of yourself singing two of your original compositions. If someone else is accompanying you, you must make an on-camera introduction of each song and its instrumentalists and/or performers. All songs must be written solely by you. Valid submissions must be received no later than 11:59p.m. (CST) on the due date to be considered in that round. Portfolio due dates are: October 1, November 15, February 1, March 15, and July 1 (the latter date for transfer students only).

Please click here to submit your portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my video portfolio be?

Submitted video portfolios should be no longer than seven (7) minutes.

What should my video portfolio include?

Videos should include a brief introduction of yourself, an explanation of why you’d like to be a part of the Belmont Songwriting community and two original songs.

How can I customize my video portfolio to fit the seven (7) minute requirement?

There’s a lot of valuable content our committee would like to see in a short amount of time. Some helpful tips for meeting the time requirement include: practicing a timed introduction that captures everything you’d like to say in about a minute; shortening the amount of time between sections; shortening musical intros and outros for songs where applicable; performing a modified version of your song that captures the essential components (example: verse, chorus, bridge, chorus) while submitting all lyrics via the Description box on YouTube.

What are some acceptable talking points for my video introduction?

Acceptable talking points include: Why you chose Belmont University and how you will benefit if accepted; your personal goals and how Belmont Songwriting can help you accomplish them; some of your musical influences and favorite songwriters; why you’re a strong candidate for our program; and/or your career goals in the industry.

What if I don’t want others to see my YouTube video audition?

If you only want the selection committee to have access to your video audition, mark your video as “Unlisted” when uploading it to YouTube. DO NOT mark it as “Private” as this will prevent the committee from seeing it and you will forfeit participation in the audition round. You will submit the corresponding link to us via the online/written portion of the Portfolio process allowing us access to this file.

Can songs be any genre of music?

Yes. Submit your two strongest songs in any commercial genre. Please note that we prefer to review songs free of profanity, graphic imagery, risqué/inappropriate content, etc.

Can I submit a song that I co-wrote with someone else?

No.  Songs must be written by the applicant alone.  No co-written pieces should be submitted.

Do I have to perform the songs I wrote?

Yes. However, applicants may have someone else accompany them. If this is the case, applicants must make an on-camera introduction for all accompanying performers.

Do the songs have to have lyrics or can they be instrumental?

The songwriting discipline involves putting words to music.  For that reason, songs submitted by applicants must contain both lyrics and music. 

What if I don’t play a traditional instrument and/or I primarily consider myself a lyricist?

If you are a track writer or production based writer/artist, we encourage you to use your creativity and technology to maximize your YouTube video while highlighting your unique musical style and talents. Some examples could be: While the camera is rolling, show a screen shot of your session, hit play on your computer, then play/rap/sing/etc. live while your track plays in the background OR while the camera is rolling, show the loop pedal that you’re playing or singing into, then create a “live loop” and perform your song live over the newly-created loop. Everyone has their own unique style – this is your opportunity to surprise (but impress) us! 

Will I receive feedback on my work, regardless of whether I am accepted into the program or not?

No. The Songwriting portfolio process is designed to evaluate songwriting ability only as it relates to the requirements and expectations of the Songwriting program at Belmont.  It is not designed to be evaluative of your overall strengths as a songwriter nor to provide you with individual feedback. 

When/how will I find out whether I’ve been admitted into the program?

Applicants who have been admitted to Belmont University will receive a response from the program’s Chair within 30 days of the submission deadline. First time candidates who are admitted to Belmont but not yet enrolled will receive a letter in the mail; current students and candidates who are reapplying will typically receive an email notification.