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department of general education

Department of General Education (BELL Core)

Message from the Director of General Education, Dr. Noel Boyle: 

The BELL Core, the name of Belmont’s distinctive General Education curriculum, is shorthand for The Belmont Experience: Learning for Life. As you progress through your undergraduate education, you will come discover that General Education at Belmont is far more than introductory courses that students “get out of the way” before pursuing courses in majors or minors. Instead, the BELL Core is truly a core—a common intellectual and academic experience shared by every student in every program of study. Moreover, the BELL Core is a dynamic program. All of us learn in stages, and the curriculum is designed to move forward with you as you move from a freshman to a senior. From the beginning, in First-Year Seminar where you will be challenged to consider the complexities of knowledge and gain an appreciation for the fact that there is far more than one way of “knowing” something, to your Senior Capstone Seminar that will engage you in reflection on your years at Belmont and also your future as a life-long learner, all of the BELL Core courses are designed to challenge you, inspire you, and, most importantly, prepare you for the future.

Please take some time to peruse our site to learn more about featured courses in the BELL Core, including First-Year Seminar, Linked Cohort Courses/Learning Communities, Junior Cornerstone Seminar, Senior Capstone, and others. You also will find information on "Stages of Development" that have served as the underpinning for our General Education program, advising and curriculum information, and news.

Best wishes as you embark upon a challenging, exciting, and ultimately rewarding academic experience.

Dr. Noel Boyle