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Belmont University logo

Adding the Belmont Logo Signature to Outlook

Step 1:

Download the Belmont logo to your desktop. Right click the image below, and save to your desktop. 
Belmont Logo for Signatures

Step 2:

Open Outlook and create a New Email

Step 3:

In the Include section of the email window, click Signature and choose Signatures from the drop-down menu. 

Step 4:

In the Signatures and Stationary window, create a new signature and name it.

Step 5:

Type in your signature in the edit signature space.  Be sure that the font is a standard 12-point font (Arial, Calibri, Verdana). Below your name, title, department, phone and email address information, add two line breaks and type Belmont University. Then Hit enter and add Nashville, TN. Then hit enter and type Create a hyperlink by highlighting the address and clicking the hyperlink button. When the Insert Hyperlink window appears, type "" into the Address field and click OK.  

Step 6:

Place the cursor in the line above Belmont’s address, and then click the Insert Picture button (between the Business Card and Hyperlinks buttons).  Choose your photo from your desktop and click Insert.  

Step 7:

Set your new signature as your default by choosing it in the drop downs under Choose default signature.  Then click OK on the Signatures and Stationary window. 

Once you complete these steps, your signature should look something like this.  If it does not or you need assistance, please contact Lougan Bishop at