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If you have any questions regarding the policies listed below, please contact the Office of Study Abroad (OSA).

Transcripts and Grades from Abroad

Students on Belmont programs (providers/affiliates, direct enrolls, exchanges and short-term faculty led) will receive Belmont grades and credits for all approved courses taken while abroad. 


Study abroad courses may not be taken on an pass/fail basis and must be taken for a grade that will be factored into the student’s GPA.

Academic or Disciplinary Probation

  • Students on academic or disciplinary probation cannot participate in study abroad programs. 
  • Students must remain eligible (financially, academically and disciplinary) to participate in programs after acceptance until program departure. 
  • If academic or disciplinary probation occurs after a student has been accepted into a study abroad program, the student will not be allowed to participate and must pay any unrecoverable costs incurred on their behalf (including but not limited to housing, airfare and meals). 

Academic Honor Code and Behavior

Study Abroad students are held to the same academic and social policies that are stated in The Bruin Guide.  Students agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the host institution and by the laws of the countries visited.  Failure to uphold the Academic Honor Code or any other policy contained in the student handbook, The Bruin Guide, will result in disciplinary action and/or program dismissal from the program.  Students will not receive a refund or academic credit for their participation. 


Program Withdrawal

If you must withdraw from your selected study abroad program after you have been accepted, your withdrawal will be governed by the Withdrawal Instructions and Policies, or by the Withdrawal Policy for Short-term Faculty Led programs, depending on which type of program the student is applying to.

(1)    Withdrawal Instructions and Policies:

  • If you decide not to participate in a study abroad program, you must withdraw by notifying OSA via email by the specified withdrawal deadline.  The withdrawal deadline is referenced in your acceptance letter.
  • Students withdrawing after this deadline will be responsible for paying the application fee, and will also be responsible for any funds the program may have paid on their behalf (e.g. for preparations such as housing, textbooks, etc.) Deposits and related charges will appear on your student account, and are due upon receipt.
  • Students who have applied to programs with our program providers must withdraw both with OSA and with the program provider. 

(2)    Short-term Faculty Led Withdrawal Policy

  • If you decide not to participate in a short-term faculty led program after being accepted, you must withdraw by notifying both OSA and the faculty director via email by the specified withdrawal deadline.  The withdrawal deadline is referenced in your acceptance letter.
  • Acknowledge that you will be required to forfeit a $500 deposit fee if you withdraw from the program after the specified withdrawal deadline.
  • Students withdrawing after designated deadlines will be responsible for paying the program deposit of $500, and will also be responsible for any costs or penalties (e.g. airline cancellation fees) incurred on their behalf by Belmont or the affiliate or host university, which may include up to the total program cost (e.g. housing, excursions, airfare etc.)  Charges will appear on your student account, and are due upon receipt.
  • If withdrawal occurs after course registration, the student will be responsible for withdrawing from any study abroad program related coursework (including online offerings) for which they are registered.  

Overload Status

Students participating on semester programs will be responsible for paying the full cost of any credit hour exceeding 16 hours just as if they were on campus.  

Short-term Faculty Led Course Enrollment

Students participating on BU faculty led short-term programs must enroll in at least one BU course taught by a faculty member on the program in order to participate on the program.

Student Records

Belmont and OSA staff are precluded from giving out private information regarding students, including grades, student status, and health details, according to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

International Health Insurance Policy

All students are required to have international healthcare coverage for the duration of their study abroad program. Students are either enrolled through their program provider (i.e. Arcadia University or SAI) or through Belmont arranged insurance. There is no opt-out option. 

Housing Abroad Policy

Belmont requires students to reside in program-provided housing where available on Belmont direct-credit programs. Housing is an integral aspect of the abroad experience providing opportunities for cultural immersion, language learning and personal growth. Additionally, program arranged housing provides an additional level of safety and security as the housing arrangements have been vetted and approved with often a provider staff member on site. Most direct-credit programs offer these arrangements with a wide variety of options- dormitories, apartments, or homestays. 

Pre-Departure Orientation Attendance

To ensure a successful abroad program, Belmont believes that students need adequate preparation.  Students are required to participate in a mandatory pre-departure orientation that will address such issues as course registration and payment, conduct and cultural sensitivity, health and wellness, money and budgeting, safety and security as well as returning home. 

Non-Belmont Approved Programs

Students planning on enrolling in a study-abroad program not approved through Belmont (a non-Belmont program) must follow the policies and procedures found on the Transfer Credit Section of the Undergraduate Catalog- Transfer Policy for International (Study Abroad) credits. 

Students will be required to take an official Leave of Absence. Leaves of Absence are granted by the Registrar’s Office. Belmont financial aid does not follow students on a leave of absence. Please consult with Student Financial Services for information regarding federal financial aid and leaves of absence.

NOTE: Students taking a Leave of Absence participating on a non-Belmont approved program who receive a foreign transcript may need to have their academic work abroad evaluated by World Education Services  in order to transfer the credit back into Belmont. Costs are associated with this process.