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Withdrawal Policy

If you must withdraw from your selected study abroad program after you have been accepted, your withdrawal will be governed by the Semester/Yearlong/Summer Withdrawal Instructions and Policies, or by the Short-Term, Faculty Led Program Withdrawal Policy, depending on which type of program you applied to.

Semester/Yearlong/Summer Provider Instructions and Policies
  • If you decide not to participate in a study abroad program, you must withdraw by notifying OSA via email as soon as possible.
  • Students who withdraw from semester, yearlong and summer provider programs are still responsible for the $100 administrative fee.They will also be responsible for any program fees that have already been paid on their behalf by Belmont. If they are going through a study abroad provider, students need to be aware of the withdrawal policies for the individual provider, as they are subject to those policies. The specific withdrawal policies and deadlines can be found on the providers' websites.
  • Students who have applied to programs with our program providers must notify OSA via email as well as the specific program provider as soon as possible.
Short-Term, Faculty-Led Program Withdrawal Policy

If you decide not to participate in a short-term faculty led program after being accepted, you must withdraw by notifying both OSA and the faculty director via email by the specified withdrawal deadline.  The withdrawal deadline is referenced in your acceptance letter.

If after the application deadline has passed, you are unable to participate in the study abroad program for any reason, including involuntary termination from the participation due to failure on your part to remain eligible to participate, you will be responsible for any charges incurred om your behalf.