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Credit Transfer

All of the programs offered by the Office of Study Abroad (OSA) are credit-bearing programs that fulfill major, minor or general education requirements.  Direct credit means that the credits and grades will appear on your Belmont transcript.  All coursework on study abroad programs must be taken for a grade and not on a pass/fail basis.  All grades will be factored into the student’s GPA.

Course Evaluation Process

For exchange, direct-enroll and affiliate semester, yearlong and short-term programs:
In order to make study abroad as effective and productive as possible, students need to plan their coursework carefully.  It is the students’ responsibility to work with OSA and their academic advisor to select courses most relevant to their program of study. 

Students generally have courses evaluated after they have been accepted to a program, but before they go abroad.  Students should make their study abroad advisor aware in advance if they have specific course requirements that they must fulfill overseas. 

NOTE: All academic decisions regarding credit are made in academic departments and not in OSA.  

While Abroad:

  • Once you have completed your on-site program registration overseas, notify OSA of your final course selections.  If any of the changes involve a course which was not pre-approved, submit the course for evaluation immediately. 

Upon Your Return:  

  • Transcripts from abroad often take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive once your program has finished.Your grades will reflect an IP (in progress) until your transcript is received from your abroad program and your course substitutions are calculated.