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Before Departure

Before your son or daughter leaves for their study abroad program, there are a number of things required of them. In this circumstance, it is important to denote the difference between short-term and long-term study abroad programs, which have different pre-departure requirements. By the time they have been admitted to their respective program, your son or daughter should have a clear idea of what pre-departure requirements are needed to participate in their study abroad program. 

Payment of Fees

Before your son or daughter participates in his or her study abroad program, it is imperative that you know the payment process and Belmont University’s policies on payment of tuition and/or fees and participation in study abroad. To see payment due dates for each semester (fall, spring, and Maymester/summer), please consult the Student Financial Services website.


Each program will have different costs, which are posted on the Belmont Global website for the particular program. All tuition and program fees must be paid to Belmont before the program begins. Any student who has not paid their tuition and program fees will be subject to removal from that program.


Billing for long-term programs will be different based on the type of program your son or daughter participates in. In every case, students on long-term study abroad programs will be billed Belmont semester tuition, just as they would any other semester. Students participating in exchange programs will pay housing directly to the host institution and not through Belmont.  Students going through direct enroll programs or through providers will owe the total published program fee. They will first be billed Belmont tuition and then be sent a second bill for the difference in total program cost and what has already been paid for in Belmont tuition. The fee includes housing while abroad. 

There are ways for students to use their scholarships or other financial aid to help pay for some of the cost of their respective study abroad programs, and students can apply for further aid or outside scholarships to further help defer the cost of studying abroad. For more information about this or other financial concerns, please email Student Financial Services.