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Application Process

Belmont Online Study Abroad Application Process: Semester/Year Programs

All Belmont students who want to study abroad for a semester or academic year program are required to complete two applications:

  1. The Belmont Study Abroad Application 
  2. Belmont Affiliate, Belmont Exchange or Belmont Direct-Enroll Application

Belmont Required Application Materials

  1. Application Form: Complete the Semester/Academic Year Application form
  2. Medical Form: Complete the online Medical Information form with your relevant emergency contact, current medications and medical conditions.
  3. Statement of Agreement: This is your acknowledgement of awareness of Belmont study abroad policies and procedures. Review the Statement of Agreement, sign electronically and submit online. 
  4. Faculty Recommendation Form: Belmont requires students to submit one faculty recommendation from a faculty member who has taught you recently:
    1. First ask the professor to complete the recommendation
    2. Email the professor with the following link: recommendation form
    3. Your professor will submit your recommendation online
  5. Administrative Fee:
    1. Students must also submit a $150 non-refundable administrative fee within one week of submitting their online application
    2. Fees (check or money order made out to Belmont University) must be brought to the Study Abroad Office (Janet Ayers Academic Center 1009)
    3. Fees should be submitted in a sealed envelope with your name on the front of the envelope
  6. Copy of Passport:
    1. Scan and email a copy of your passport to the Office of Study Abroad
    2. If you do not currently have a valid copy of your passport, you need to apply for one immediately and send an email to the Office of Study Abroad (OSA) via email that you have applied. 
    3. Click here for more information about passports and visas.  

Belmont Affiliate, Belmont Exchange, Belmont Direct-Enroll Application Materials

  • Belmont Affiliate Programs (Arcadia, CEA, CIEE, DIS, GAV, SAI)
  • Belmont Exchange/Direct Enroll Programs

Application Review & Acceptance

  • After the application deadline, OSA completes a review of an applicant's academic, financial, and disciplinary record at Belmont.
  • Once approval is received, OSA will send you an email of your acceptance or denial for your study abroad program. This email will contain two signature documents that you must print and return to our office prior to departure, including the: Student Participation Agreement Disclosure and the Release Form
  • If your application requires a follow-up meeting, you will be notified to set an appointment with the Director of Study Abroad.