Student Concerns System

As a primary resource within the Division of Student Affairs, the Student Concerns System is a communication resource designed for all members of the Belmont University community to use to report non-emergency concerns about a student’s health, well-being or safety.

The Dean of Students’ Office encourages all Belmont employees and students to utilize the system to share concerns, large or small. Professional staff will assist in identifying the type of concerns expressed and connect those concerns to helpful resources on an as needed basis. The Student Concerns System is not 911 and should only be utilized for non-life threatening concerns.

Please contact Campus Security for all immediate safety concerns at (615) 460-6911. Student Concerns Notifications are informational only, and actions taken by the Dean of Students’ Office to concerns submitted are confidential and do not result in return correspondence. Please provide as much information as possible. Information supplied greatly assists in determining/following up on concerns.

If a concern escalates, and/or risk to the student and/or community is critical, please contact Campus Security at (615) 460-6911 after hours or the Dean of Students Office at (615) 460-6407 during business hours.

  • Has incongruent emotional responses
  • Displays bizarre behavior
  • Describes suspicious thoughts
  • Demonstrates irritable behavior
  • Reports sexual or physical assault
  • Has emotional or anger outbursts
  • Disrupts class


Take Action: Safety is not an immediate concern. The student may require disciplinary action. Contact Student Support or Community Accountability or submit a Student Concerns Notification. 
*Remember your responsible employee status.


Student Concerns Notification Form:

Student Concerns:

Phone:                      (615) 460-6407 or (615) 460-8661



Phone:                      (615) 460-6407

  • Expresses stressful events have occurred in their lives
  • Displays decreased quality of work
  • Has increased absences
  • Makes repeated requests for special considerations
  • Displays anxiety
  • Is unable to provide for their basic living needs


Take Action: Talk directly with the student (if you feel comfortable) and inform them about available resources. Call Student Support, email or submit a Student Concerns Notification Form.

*Remember your responsible employee status.


Student Concerns Notification Form:

Student Concerns:

Phone:                      (615) 460-6407 or (615) 460-8661

  • Expresses suicidal thoughts or gestures
  • Makes threats to others
  • Displays self-mutilating behavior
  • Carries weapons
  • Demonstrates intimidating behaviors


Take Action: Safety is an immediate concern. Contact Campus Security and an officer will respond, assess and assist.
*Remember your responsible employee status.


Phone:                      (615) 460-6911

  • Extended illness
  • Death in the Family
  • Traumatic Event
  • Financial Crisis
  • Loss of Housing


Take Action: Safety is not an immediate concern. Submit a Student Concern Notification to Student Support for record keeping via phone, email or online form. Notify Student Support Staff if additional support resources are needed.


*Students are responsible for notifying professors of absences, requesting excused absences and permission to make-up missed assignments, exams and quizzes. It is at the discretion of faculty to approve/deny requests for excused absences and make-up work. Student Support may assist students with validating sensitive medical information if needed.



Student Concerns Notification Form:

Student Concerns:

Phone:                      (615) 460-6407 or (615) 460-8661


Counseling Services offers free, confidential solution focused therapy. Located in the Gabhart Building.

Call (615) 460-6856.  


Health Services offers free, confidential medical resources to students. Located on the 1st Floor of McWhorter.

Call (615) 460-5506.



GPS offers academic major exploration academic success planning, skills workshops and tutoring connections as a supplement to the Learning Centers’ offerings.  Located on the 2nd Floor of Bunch Library. 

Call (615) 460-5702.

Learning Centers offer free tutoring and group study in math, writing and languages to all Belmont Students. Located on the 1st Floor of the Janet Ayers Academic Building.

Call (615) 460-6855.



Campus Security manages reported crimes, student emergencies or student crisis requiring immediate attention and support from the University. Located in the Gabhart Building.

Call (615) 460-6911.



University Ministries provides pastoral care and support while connecting students to additional faith based resources both on and off campus as needed. Located in the Gabhart Building.               

Call (615) 460-6419.



Disability Services oversees Belmont University’s reasonable accommodation process to help provide equal access for students participating in all university programs and services. Located on the 2nd Floor of Beaman Student Life Center.  

Call (615) 460-6407.



Title IX Coordinator (615) 460-6407




Campus Security (615) 460-6617
Office of the Dean of Students (615) 460-6407




Local hospitals

Centennial Medical Center and Hospital (615) 342-1000
St. Thomas Midtown Hospital (615) 340-4658
St. Thomas West Hospital (615) 222-2111
Vanderbilt Medical Center and Hospital (615) 322-5000



Local/Regional Contacts

Crisis Intervention Hotline (615) 244-7444
Nashville Metro Police Dept. Sex Crimes (615) 862-7540
Nashville Fire Department (615) 862-5421
Tennessee Highway Patrol (615) 741-3181



Counseling Hotlines

National Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 799-7233
24-hr Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-8255
24-hr Sexual Assault Hotline  (800) 870-1999
Mential Health Cooperative Crisis Line (615) 726-0125
Weaver YWCA Domestic Violence Center (615) 242-1199