Shelter In Place

If an incident involves severe weather, an outdoor hazardous materials release, or other outdoor hazard, remain inside or seek shelter in the nearest building.
  1. If outside, seek shelter in the nearest building, preferably in an interior room with few windows. Allow access to others seeking shelter. Allowing others into the building will not jeopardize your safety.
  2. Shut and lock all windows (locking will form a tighter seal) and close all exterior doors.
  3. Avoid overcrowding by using several rooms if necessary.
  4. Turn on radio or television and listen for further instructions. Make yourself as comfortable as possible; prepare for the possibility of an extended stay.
  5. Check for Belmont Alert updates.
  6. Look after each other. You will be notified when it is clear to leave.

What to do for an outdoor hazardous materials release:

  1. Choose a room above ground level.
  2. If possible, turn off air conditioners, heaters, and fans.
  3. Close vents to the ventilation system as you are able.
  4. Follow instructions for shelter in place listed above.
  5. Check for Belmont Alert updates.