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The sun rising over Acklen Ave between the Baskin Center and the Ayers Center

Campus Health Protocols

Our Health and Safety Expectations

For our COVID-19 Campus plan to be effective, we ask that everyone be familiar with and embrace our campus safety protocols.

  • Everyone on campus will be required to wear a mask at all times while indoors, unless in a residence hall room, a private vehicle, an enclosed office or other private space with no other individuals present. Masks must be properly worn, covering an individual's nose, mouth and chin area.
  • All should maintain social distancing, staying at least six feet apart from others at all times. All shared and common spaces have been evaluated for adjustments necessary to maintain proper social distance.
  • Hand sanitation stations are located throughout campus, and frequent handwashing is encouraged.
  • All active members of the campus community must perform a health self-check each day via the Daily COVID-19 Symptom Tracker form through Belmont’s Health Portal before reporting to work or class. If an individual answers yes to any of the following questions, the individual must stay away from campus or self-isolate in campus housing, and follow the directions found in the "Health Services" portion of our plan to report your illness. Health self-check questions are:
  1. In the last two weeks did you live or have close contact (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more) with someone diagnosed with COVID-19? Exception: you can check "NO" if you have been in a clinical setting wearing appropriate personal protective equipment.
  2. Have you tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 10 days, or are you currently experiencing any of the following:
  • *Fever of 100.4 or higher
  • *Cough
  • *Shortness of breath
  • *Sore throat
  • *Body aches
  • *Vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours
  • *New loss of taste or smell


Over the past year, Belmont has procured the necessary supplies to maintain a safe and healthy campus. Needs are frequently assessed, and our teams work proactively to obtain supplies based on these needs and official recommendations. Supplies procured include:

  • Belmont branded, washable and reusable masks available at the Belmont Store and the Pharmacy
  • Single-use masks for guests to wear when visiting Belmont
  • Soap, paper towels and cleaning products 
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers for high traffic areas around campus
  • Plexiglas barriers for workspaces, reception areas and all dining locations
  • Thermometers available for purchase in the Belmont Store and the Pharmacy
  • Software licensing for Zoom, Evercast, AVID and other platforms that may be needed to deliver courses, student life experiences and spiritual development opportunities virtually.

Facilities and Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

Belmont is following recommendations from the CDC regarding facility cleaning and sanitization, including the following enhanced measures.

  • The University has increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as public restrooms, elevators, doorknobs, stairwell railings and public areas within the residence halls.
  • Cleaning personnel are utilizing electrostatic disinfectant sprayer devices, which are especially helpful and thorough for disinfecting large spaces and hard-to-reach areas. These sprayers provide a highly efficient and environmentally responsible means to clean major traffic areas with greater frequency.
  • Facilities Management Services has distributed sanitizing wipes and masks to all departments and deans to be used in those areas.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are located in key locations throughout campus, especially near the entrances to buildings, classrooms and elevators.
  • Plexiglas safety barriers have been installed in a number of campus locations - such as Belmont Central - where face-to-face interactions are necessary.
  • Procedures are in place to clean and disinfect after notification of a confirmed case of COVID-19. This information is directly reliant on information submitted via the Daily COVID-19 Symptom Tracker, accessible via Health Services and MyBelmont.
    • When cleaning such spaces, cleaning personnel will follow CDC prevention guidance such as opening windows to increase circulation and wearing protective PPE to prevent cross contamination.

Campus Dining

Belmont’s Dining Services provider, Sodexo, is a worldwide leader in food services and facilities operation. Sodexo is taking a cautious, measured approach that gives students the confidence to enjoy meals on campus, as well as the flexibility to choose the dining options that make them feel most comfortable. New measures in place on campus to keep Belmont community members safe include:

  • Employees will wear personal protective equipment (masks and gloves), wash hands frequently and regularly report on their health, including temperature checks
  • Self-service options will be eliminated, replaced with staff service
  • High touch surfaces will be cleaned frequently with professional-grade products
  • Dining areas will have updated configurations, expanded hours, new floor markers and reduced seating capacities to encourage social distancing
  • Additional grab-and-go options and outlets will be provided
  • Additional Plexiglas will be installed in needed areas to discourage droplet contacts
  • Contactless payment/card swiping will be implemented in all locations
  • Protocols will be in place to ensure service for those who need to isolate or quarantine

UPS Store & Campus Mail

The UPS Store at Belmont University is following strong company-wide guidelines which include:

  • Practice social distancing and limit the number of customers in the store.
  • Follow appropriate hygiene protocols.
  • Perform regular disinfecting/sanitizing within the store, especially for frequently touched surfaces like doors, handles, counters, computers, etc.
  • Require all employees to wear a mask or face shield for safety; it is strongly recommended for all customers to wear masks as well. 


Signage has been placed around campus to remind the campus community and guests of the University’s health and safety protocols. Please take note of all signage and observe the promoted practices.