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The sun rising over Acklen Ave between the Baskin Center and the Ayers Center

Contingency Planning

This plan is centered on allowing all students who desire in person instruction and a more complete Belmont experience an opportunity to enjoy being on campus. Great care and caution are being taken to reduce risks for all members of the University community and to create maximum flexibility.

Our hope is to complete each semester under our guidelines on campus. However, our planning is being done with the knowledge that conditions related to this pandemic may force us to alter our course. The Office of Assessment and Institutional Research will be partnering with Health Services to closely monitor all COVID-19-related campus data. Belmont leadership will also continue to monitor data as reported by state and local officials to ensure the University is following the appropriate plan and recommendations for our city.

If at any point conditions change dramatically for the worse, we will reassess at that time and provide detailed information as decisions are made. If we would reach a pivot point that would require students to return to their homes and complete the semester remotely, Belmont will initiate such a move as seamlessly as possible. This would likely mean:

  • A temporary 3-5 day “pause” to classes to allow on-campus students to move out of residence halls and travel home.
  • Resumption of classes as soon as possible via remote learning.
  • Further modifications to the academic calendar to make up for lost class time.

Because of these possibilities, it is important that our students and families remain as flexible as possible throughout the pandemic.

Our goal, as always, would be to work with our students and families to find fair resolutions for everyone should residential and dining services be unavailable due to a change in a semester’s plan. Any refunds to room and board costs would be considered at the time that modifications are made so that all factors can be considered.