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Transcript FAQs

What information appears on my Belmont University transcript?
  1. Student information
  2. Official copies - transfer institution and number of hours transferred from other post-secondary educational institutions attended before enrollment at Belmont University. Student copies - transfer institution and listing of accepted courses transferred from other post-secondary educational institutions attended before enrollment at Belmont University.
  3. Academic standing
  4. All courses for which the student was registered each term, showing the subject and number of each course, course title, grade, and number of hours.
  5. Any degrees conferred by the University appear, showing the degree, major, and date.
  6. The official transcript bears the signature of the Registrar and the date it was processed.
  7. All transcripts are printed on security safe paper.
  8. A key to transcript entries is on the back of official copies.
Can I pick up a transcript I have ordered?

YES. We will hold your transcript in Belmont Central for 30 days after from the date it was requested. If the transcript is not picked up, then we will mail to the address listed on your request. If no address was given, then the transcript will be shredded. If you wish to have someone other than yourself pick up the transcript, then you must indicate that person's name in the special instructions portion of your request.

Can I pay by credit card?
YES. Current and alumni/former students can remit their payment online when ordering an official transcript.  The fee to order a transcript is $5.00 per copy.  Transcript fees cannot be billed to your Belmont account.  The payment is not charged to the card until the transcript is processed.
Can I make photocopies of my transcript?
NO. Belmont University transcripts are printed on official transcript paper which bears the raised university seal and signature of the university registrar. Copies of the document are not official.
Can I get a student copy?
YES. Current students may print out an unofficial copy of their transcript on myBelmont (login ->Personal Records).
What if I find an error?
If you find an error of any kind on your transcript, please contact our office at 615-460-6619 or stop by Belmont Central. 

I need transcripts from other schools I've attended...
If you attended other colleges/universities prior to enrolling at Belmont University, you were required to submit official transcripts from each of those institutions. Students sometimes ask us to provide them copies of these transcripts; unfortunately, we cannot make copies of those transcripts for you. However, courses that Belmont University accepted from other institutions will be listed on your official Belmont University transcript.

I took general education coursework at a Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) school -- how will it transfer?
You can find an equivalency table by clicking here. This equivalency table is a guideline listing applicable general education coursework from Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) schools and how they correspond to Belmont's curriculum.