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Data Governance Roles and Responsibilities

Data Stewards

This group is comprised one or more individuals from each functional area who has knowledge of the business and data entry processes within their area.   Their primary responsibilities include:

  1. Participate in the data standards process

Data stewards participate in the data standards committee which bears responsibility for documenting and improving business processes, defining business terminology, both functional and technical data definitions and standards relating to data entry and reporting.  Data Stewards represent the needs of data users within their functional area in the data governance process. 

  1. Ensure that data are created and maintained according to university standards

It is the Data Stewards’ responsibility to ensure that data users in their functional area follow the standards developed by the committee as they relate to data entry, either manually or through loads from external systems. 

  1. Work with technical teams to ensure data integrity and accuracy. 

It is understood that there will always be some level of error associated with data entry.  It is the responsibility of the data stewards, along with the technical staff to create a process for identifying data entry errors and correcting the data to match university standards. This may include a series of automated error/audit reports, a formal process for verifying data before census freezes, or other appropriate measures as determined by the committee.