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Raising support, not just money.

Going on a mission experience is an exciting journey, but it can be full of uncertainty - especially when it comes to finances. But when you reach out to your friends, family, church, or community to let them know about your mission trip, you're doing so much more than just asking them to help fund the trip. You're asking them not just to support you financially, but to join with you as you prepare, go, and return to share your experience with God and others with them. Imagine ways you can move beyond your self and allow others to invest in you, pray for you, and learn from you as you go. 

Students may utilize the Belmont on Mission fundraising framework to raise funds toward their team's trip. Donations must be made through the MobileCause platform and will be tax-deductible, non-refundable donations to the General Missions Fund of Belmont. If students would like to utilize this framework, they must attend one of five fundraising workshops provided by Belmont on Mission throughout October/November (Spring Break) or January (Summer). Here students will learn the processes, language, and requirements for fundraising, sign a fundraising covenant, and build their MobileCause fundraising page. Students and Parents may not make payments toward their trip costs via MobileCause, but must do so through their payment portal on their Belmont Global application page.

Getting Started

Step One: Consider reading "The Spirituality of Fundraising" by Henri Nouwen. (free digital e-book)

Step Two: After being accepted to your trip, you can opt-in to our Belmont sponsored fundraising program and raise funds through the University software called "MobileCause". We highly recommend you take advantage of this if you plan on raising funds for your trip! 

To utilize our fundraising software, you must do the following: 

  • Attend a Belmont on Mission fundraising workshop (dates below)
  • Sign a fundraising covenant stipulating your understanding of the appropriate use of the software
  • Raise all funds within the fundraising window for your trip

Step Three: Send mail and email support letters with our "sample support letter template" and use your Mobile Cause page to raise money through Belmont toward your team trip!

Why use MobileCause? 

Great question! We've worked hard to get a University-approved and integrated approach to fundraising so that it will be easier for you to fundraise and easier for your supporters to give as well. Here are a few of the benefits:

  1. Have a Belmont branded fundraising page (example) - gives credibility and trust to potential supporters
  2. Utilize the text to give feature through mobile cause, manage payments electronically rather than keeping track of checks (Text "BUMissions1" to 71777 to get to my team's fundraising page!)
  3. Automatically keep track of how much you've raised and how much you have left
  4. Your supporters get an automatic tax-deductible receipt, and you get a notification to send them a thank you letter
  5. Belmont on Mission staff fully integrates MobileCause into your Belmont Global application

Fundraising Workshops

  • November 20th, 10-11am in the UM Conference Room next to Campus Security
  • November 25th, 10-11am in the UM Conference Room next to Campus Security
  • December 4th, 10-11am in the UM Conference Room next to Campus Security
  • January 8th, 10-11am in the UM Conference Room next to Campus Security
  • January 17th, 10-11am in the UM Conference Room next to Campus Security

You MUST attend a fundraising workshop in order to utilize MobileCause as a fundraising platform!

Belmont on Mission Giving Policy

Belmont University accepts contributions, whether by gift, device, or bequest, consistent with its general tax-exempt purposes. Contributions to Belmont on Mission may not be directed for any individual student. As such, contributions shall become the sole property of Belmont University and are non-refundable under all circumstances. The university therefore reserves the right, in the event that the trip is cancelled or requesting student drops out, to use the contributions as it may deem best in its sole and complete discretion so as to ensure that the funds will be used consistent with the tax-exempt purposes of the university and values of the Belmont on Mission program.

Excess Fund Policy

Students that have donors give to the Belmont on Mission General Fund toward their team and excess funds are raised, funds will be used as follows (in this order):

  1. Funds will remain within the individual’s team/trip until all team needs are met.
  2. Funds will be used toward any remaining needs of other BoM teams in order of need.
  3. Funds will be held within the General Missions Fund and used to support other needs within the Belmont on Mission program.


If you benefited directly from endowed funds and are required to or would like to submit a thank you letter, click below and respond. 

Donor Thank You JotForm