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Financial Information

So you've decided you'd like to participate with Belmont on Mission, but you're wondering how you might pay for it. This can be one of the largest obstacles to students participating, and we want to help you out. 

Step One: Fundraising

The first thing that you can do is make an effort to fundraise for your trip. Once accepted to the team, you can set up a fundraising page through Belmont and invite your friends, family, and faith community to help you go. Visit this link to read more about the process of fundraising with Belmont on Mission. 

Step Two: Individual Financial Subsidy

All Belmont on Mission trips have a bottom line subsidy already applied to them via the generosity of donors who want to help remove the financial barrier that all students will face. However, in cases of individual financial need that goes beyond the already subsidized trip fee, we have an additional fund reserved to help students afford the costs. In order to be eligible for receiving a financial subsidy, students must demonstrate their willingness to put in significant work toward fundraising. The following list includes factors that will be considered for the dispersing of these funds: 

  • Demonstration of need via Belmont EFC (Estimated Family Contribution)
  • Circumstantial demonstration of need via essay questions on the application
  • What other sources of funding have been sought and received? 

If you feel like you qualify to receive financial subsidy for your mission trip, you can fill out the "Demonstration of Financial Need" form by clicking below! Financial subsidies will be awarded on a rolling basis within two weeks of application, so the earlier you apply, the better!

Apply here!