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Students posing for a photo on an Immersion Mission Trip



What are Immersion trips?

Belmont’s spring break trips are a chance to be immersed in a local culture and to grow in understanding of the cares and concerns of communities here in the U.S. Students have the opportunity to see what God is doing through local churches and ministries and join them in awareness and mission. Groups will meet before the trip a handful of times not just to get to know one another, but also to begin to understand the community and culture of the immersion destination.

Immersion Trips are a little different than how we might normally think of “Missions Trips.” If we want to truly honor God in our efforts to love our neighbor, we must think about the long-term effects of our service. Immersive opportunities think more critically about these issues and serve as a building block for future opportunities of service in healthy ways. Students have the opportunity to be exposed not just to the needs and the challenges of a community, but also the assets and ways that they might imagine long-term impact for a community.

The trips that we offer vary in their emphasis, but have common elements. Focuses include poverty engagement, immigration, community development, social justice legislation, rural poverty, and restorative justice.

So, whether you feel called to serve in a new context far away or just next door, Belmont wants to offer a diverse range of immersive experiences to help expand and develop your imagination for mission in your everyday life. 

Do I have to be a Christian to go on an Immersion Trip?
No! While we do want to be clear and upfront that these kinds of trips are offered as a way to partner with God in the world, all students should feel welcomed to sign up. The trip will include opportunities for reflection on faith, theology, and mission throughout the trip, though no one is forced to lead in any religious activity with which they aren't comfortable. 

How much do Immersion Trips cost?
Immersion trips vary in cost from $300-$1000 based on the varied travel and lodging needs for each trip. Be sure to review our financial policy at the bottom of this page

How do I apply and when is the deadline? 

Look at the Immersion Trips on Belmont Global to find more information about each trip and to apply for the trip you are interested in. 

What if I have more questions? 

If you still don't know what trip sounds best for you, fill out the Belmont on Mission Interest Form and we'll try to help you out!

Interest Form

You can also email our team at, call extension 6419, or stop by University Ministries (right next to Security) in the Gabhart Student Center.