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Types of Projects


Lumos Award recipients are expected to Travel with a Purpose. Lumos Awards
were created to fund projects for students which will:

  • Expand their experience of the world and other cultures
  • Develop their confidence, resilience, and resourcefulness
  • Challenge their comfort zone and test their abilities
  • Teach them new skills while they share existing ones

To be eligible for support, a project must:

While the Lumos Foundation is flexible regarding the projects it will sponsor, it will not support vacation travel, field study or practicums related to degree requirements, study abroad that consists solely or even primarily  of enrollment in an overseas university or program of study, international work or internship that does not focus in some way on community development or service, or a group travel study program unless the primary purpose of the experience is to provide service or work that gives back in some way to an overseas community.  

Please Note:  Lumos is not a religious organization and will not consider proposals that are primarily mission-based in nature or purpose. 


  • Fees for a sponsoring organization
  • Transportation costs
  • Living expenses not included in the agency fees
  • Fees for training central to the project
  • Pre-approved personal expenses
  • Purchase of pre-approved special equipment.

The amount of individual awards, as well as the percentage of project budget funded, will vary based on:

  • the number of qualified applications received
  • the cost/duration of each proposal
  • the caliber of the proposal as written and presented
  • the availability of funds