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Working with Office 365

Office 365 for Students

Microsoft Office for Students

Students currently enrolled at Belmont are entitled to a free subscription to Microsoft Office 365.

When a student signs in to the Office 365 Belmont Storefront at and are confirmed as being a current student they are given a one year subscription to Office 365.  They will then receive an email to their address containing a download link along with their user id and temporary password to Office 365.

Office 365 products can be downloaded and used on to up to 5 computers, tablets and phones.

At the end of that year when their subscription expires the student receives an email notifying them that their subscription has been disabled.  The email contains a link to sign in to reconfirm their eligibility.  Once confirmed they will receive another email containing login information to reactivate or re-download Office 365.

Student support for Office 365 is completely provided by Kivuto who manages the storefront and licensing. For student support, please see the following links.