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Foreign Languages Faculty

  • Natalia Pelaz
    Natalia Pelaz
    Department Chair & Associate Professor
    Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, Specialization: Caribbean Studies, Transatlantic Studies, Exile and Migration
    Location: Ayers 3053
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  • Paulo Boero
    Paulo Boero
    Professor of Spanish
    Ph.D., University of Kansas, Specialization: Spanish American Narrative & Second Language Acquisition
    Location: Ayers 3051
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  • Christopher Born
    Christopher Born
    Assistant Professor
    Ph.D., Washington University at St. Louis, Specialization: Asian Studies and Japanese language and literature
    Location: Ayers 3047
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  • Cheryl Brown
    Cheryl Brown
    Professor of French
    Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, Specialization: French Language, Literature, Culture, and Phonetics
    Location: Ayers 3052
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  • Kate Holland
    M.A. in Classical Studies, Vanderbilt University
    Location: Ayers 3063
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  • David Julseth
    David Julseth
    Professor of Spanish
    Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, Specialization: Spanish Language, Hispanic Culture, and Service-Learning
    Location: Ayers 3031
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  • Qingjun (Joan) Li
    Qingjun (Joan) Li
    Associate Professor
    Ph. D., Middle Tennessee State University, Specialization: Chinese American Literature, Humanities of East Asia, Chinese Language Pedagogy
    Location: Ayers 3046
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  • Mitch McCoy
    Mitch McCoy
    Associate Professor
    Ph.D., University of Georgia, Specialization: Spanish Language for Professions, Early Modern Spanish Literature and Culture, Intersections of Literature and Religion
    Location: Ayers 3045
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  • Francesca Muccini
    Francesca Muccini
    Associate Professor of Italian
    Ph.D., Arkansas State University, Specialization: Italian language, literature, and culture; migratory literature and studies
    Location: Ayers 3019
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  • Regine Schwarzmeier
    Regine Schwarzmeier
    Associate Professor of German
    Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, Specialization: German Language, Literature and Culture, Gender Studies
    Location: Ayers 3050
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