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A foreign language minor is a wonderful complement to any major field of study because the linguistic proficiency and transcultural competence it fosters play a significant role in sharpening the communication skills that every graduate will have to rely on as they enter an increasingly competitive and globalized labor market.

A foreign language minor can crack open many doors for you by establishing a solid foundation upon which you continue to build after you graduate. It can help you gain access to clients, ideas, customers, opportunities, and key relationships in some of the world’s largest economies and markets. In fact, five of the seven foreign languages you can study at Belmont University are spoken in countries whose economies are ranked as the top eight largest in the world.

Learning a foreign language will trigger changes in the way you see yourself, the world, and yourself in relation to that world. We believe these changes will lead to opportunities and breakthroughs (both personal and professional) they likes of which can be experienced only by choosing to learn another language/culture. The Department of Foreign Languages is here for you. We hope you decide to invest in your future, and join us.