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Foreign Language Minors

  • Grace Cleland
    The Foreign Language Department has a plethora of professors who provide rigorous, immersive and adaptable programs. Whether you are studying a language for a minor, pursuing a major or simply taking a language for another degree, this department will fulfill and surpass any student's expectations. The professors create a safe community for language driven students to practice and enhance their skills. It is a place where any and all students are welcomed and supported to do their best. Your professors know and understand students and are willing to make languages work for everyone.


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Students that want to acquire a foreign language (or two) and learn about the products, practices, and values of cultures other than their own, will find their intellectual home in the Department of Foreign Languages at Belmont University. In addition to offering three majors in French, German, and Spanish, Belmont University offers seven minors in the following languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, and Spanish.

A foreign language minor can help students build on the linguistic proficiency and knowledge acquired since middle school or high school; and it can give students the opportunity to start learning a language they have not had the chance to study before attending Belmont University. Students will find that learning a foreign language with Belmont faculty is both challenging and rewarding. Foreign language students at Belmont University, regardless of the language/culture they study, will develop close relationships with their professors and will have impactful learning experiences both on campus and in a host of immersion settings (locally and abroad).

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