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Tower Talks

Tower Talks are a part of BOLD's Becoming Engaged Leader level of engagement.

During Tower Talks, students will share a leadership experience they’ve engaged in during their undergraduate experience.  The "talk" will be shared through one of several options: a 2 to 3 page paper, 3 minute video, 5 minute convocation (20 slides (Pecha Kucha style), or an 11x17 poster (digital) presentation. The experience must directly relate to one or more of the BOLD leadership competencies (Ethics, Resilience, Collaboration, Communication, Inclusivity, or Service). Student will upload the video link or poster to Bruin Link or a drive to be featured on the BOLD website. Tower_Talk_Logo


Review Tower Talk Instructions: HERE

     Sample:   2 page Written Outline  |   2 page Written Tower Talk  
     Sample:   11x17 Written Outline    |   11x 17 Poster 
     Sample:   PPT Written Outline   |   Power Point Presentation

Students may visit Bruin Link to register to present a Tower Talk during the 2020-2021 academic school year.