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Belmont Ethics & Accountability Training

The Belmont Ethics and Accountability Training - The BEAT is an online self-paced student leadership development experience offered by the Belmont Office of Leadership Development - BOLD.  By completing this training, students will be given credit in the Believing - Emergent Leader level of BOLD in your co-curricular transcript in Bruin Link.   

The Belmont Ethics and Accountability Training

The BOLD Framework Objectives for THE BEAT are as follows:

Ethics (The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook) (BOLD Framework 2014)

  • Upholds and respects the standards of conduct based on socially accepted values of Belmont and society
  • Learns to act in a way that promotes productive functioning and well-being of oneself and others

The BEAT includes 2 minutes videos and case studies around the topics of ethics and accountability.  Students will post and respond to challenging questions that will help them achieve the following learning outcomes

  • Students will understand the importance of ethics and ethical decision making in shaping alignment of values and actions.
  • Students will develop self-efficacy beliefs to engage in critical self-reflection.
  • Students will understand and identify their own personal set of values and beliefs.