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Outside the Classroom

You, as a foreign language student, would have many other opportunities to increase your exposure to another language and its culture. First of all, you might meet your language on campus. There are an impressive number of foreign students and instructors at Belmont from more than thirty countries.

A variety of related events takes place on campus and off, from the International Awareness Week events sponsored by all language groups and International Student Organization, to soirees, fiestas, Viennese Ball, film series, dinners, and concerts planned by individual language and International Student groups.

There is even the possibility of living in the German or Culture House with exchange students from other countries as roommates.

Belmont has a chapter of Phi Sigma Iota, the International Foreign Language Honor Society, to honor those students who excel in language study. The Honor Society hosts a presentation night during the Fall Semester in which members read research papers or creative works in their languages.