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Honors Students on Study Abroad Program

Student Stories

  • Manar Albadran
    "I chose Belmont Global Honors because I wanted to broaden my horizons, as well as be challenged and stimulated. I knew there would be extra room for creativity and self-expression in an advanced academic setting..." Read Manar's bio below.
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  • Maria Batt
    Maria Batt
    "I chose Belmont’s Honors Program because of the amazing opportunity we have to gain essential first-hand experience in our field of study while exploring other parts of the world through a custom-designed Honors study abroad experience." Read Maria's bio below.
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  • Paris Berrian
    Paris Berrian
    "I chose to apply to Belmont Global Honors to facilitate closer relationships with a smaller group of students and faculty. I enjoy being able to come in contact with a variety of different majors and interests when it comes to Honors..." Read Paris's bio below.
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  • Mary Holguin
    Mary Holguin
    "Honors has pushed me to think in different ways and expand my view of the world. This community has given me some of my closest friends...." Read Mary's bio below.
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  • Justin Leal
    Justin Leal
    "It was always a decision of mine to engage in challenging curriculum that made me think critically about issues. I have always been in honors classes, and I wanted to continue that trajectory by joining Belmont Global Honors. I felt like I would become a more well-rounded individual and broaden my horizon if I engaged in classes that had other people from different majors..." Read Justin's bio below.
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  • Kent Malcolm
    Kent Malcolm
    "I chose Belmont Global Honors because it seemed to be more than just academic rigor. Honors at Belmont takes Belmont’s core, well-rounded academic focus, and applies it to who you are as an individual— shaping you for the better in not only scholarly ways but in all areas of life..." Read Kent's bio below.
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  • Marlies Otteman
    Marlies Otteman
    "I love how Belmont Global Honors has an extremely interdisciplinary approach to all of its signature courses. I feel like I am really learning to think for myself and mold my own ideas and opinions rather than just learning material to pass tests..." Read Marlie's bio below.
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  • Lauren Tweedell
    Lauren Tweedell
    "I was excited to apply and be a part of Belmont Global Honors, especially with the new Honors’ curriculum and opportunities..." Read Lauren's bio below.
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  • Isaac Wetzel
    Isaac Wetzel
    "With the Honors Program, I knew I would be surrounded by like-minded peers and professors who not only shared my interests and academic goals, but also cared about my success. It's all about community for me, and that is what I saw at Belmont when I visited and what I have experienced at Belmont with each class..." Read Isaac's bio below.
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