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Belmont Global Honors Alternative Credit Policy

About AP/IB Credit

Belmont Global Honors courses are uniquely interdisciplinary and encourage students to engage with topics deeply and from multiple perspectives. Belmont Global Honors students tend to come to Belmont as high achievers and big thinkers, and we want to recognize their superior accomplishments. 

Many Belmont Global Honors students have worked very hard during high school and arrive at Belmont with hard-earned AP/IB credits, and Belmont Global Honors takes a generous posture toward these credits. AP/IB credit earned during secondary school should first be applied to degree cognates and as elective credit. In consultation with the Director, a Belmont Global Honors student may also substitute AP/IB credit toward a maximum of three Honors foundations courses. At Belmont, a maximum total of 24 hours of credit may be earned through AP/IB and/or CLEP combined. Click here to learn more about Belmont University’s alternative credit policies.