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Alumni Reflections

  • Acqueline Cain
    Acqueline Cain (BSN, 2018)
    Eastcastle Place (Milwaukee, WI)
    “I chose Belmont because of how much the students, faculty, and staff love the school. My first time on campus was for a preview day. I could immediately tell how much the students loved the school by how they presented themselves and interacted with prospective students. Everyone was very positive and supportive. I never felt like anyone didn’t want to be there. I chose nursing because I love to help people, and I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. I specifically chose nursing at Belmont because the program is very prestigious and has consistently had high NCLEX passing rates. I also loved the small class sizes because I always felt like my professors knew me and supported me.”
  • Cassie Barnhart
    Cassie Barnhart (BS, EXS, 2016)
    Wellness Manager, Peel & Holland (Owensboro, KY)
    “My time at Belmont had a profound impact on both where I am today and who I am today! I was pushed academically, helped professionally, and developed great relationships along the way. Over my four years, I got to know each of my professors who I still connect with today. Not many college students can say that. That is something that is unique and special about the Exercise Science department. I wasn’t just a student; each of my professors wanted to get to know me, develop a relationship with me and help me succeed.”
  • Matthew Thompson
    Matthew Thompson (BSW, 2014)
    Director of Psychological Health, Tennessee Army National Guard (Smyrna, TN)
    “I chose to pursue Social Work at Belmont as I really wanted to be part of a learning community that valued my experience and encouraged me to grow as a professional early in my career. I knew that I was receiving a quality education while I was enrolled at Belmont, but it was not until my graduate training that I realized just how far superior it actually was.”
  • Whitney Joy
    Whitney Joy (MSOT, 2018)
    “I chose Belmont because I grew up in Tennessee and was familiar with its stellar reputation. My education at Belmont enabled me to be a self-starter and increased my confidence as a practitioner. I appreciate how the occupational therapy department educates future practitioners on how to be culturally competent, while also implementing faith based principles. As a woman of color, that meant a lot.”